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An Exclusive South African Safari and Luxury Escape in the Heart of the Bush

Izingwe Lodge is the brainchild of the internationally acclaimed interior architect and designer, Trisha Wilson, who transformed her private residence into the VIP section of the animal kingdom. Izingwe’s interior is almost a museum of African art and antiques- polished silver candelabras have tea parties with classic wood, stone, and thatch. This is a 5-star safari experience that is not just a lodge, but really a backstage pass to Mother Nature's greatest show!


Located in the Northern Bushveld of South Africa, in the UNESCO-designated Waterberg Biosphere, the lodge is nestled in a secluded mountain valley within the 36,000 hectares of the Welgevonden Game Reserve.  The Reserve is a conservation effort that protects and shows off the “Big 5”, and highlights the White Rhino, all still horned.  To get there, you can choose a comfortable, chauffeured ride or channel your inner VIP with a 50-minute helicopter or airplane flight.


At Izingwe, safari is the main event , and being an exclusive-use property ensures that you will have the lodge and its facilities entirely to yourself; it allows an escape from the hustle of larger commercial lodges and their time schedules. It is like having a backstage tour of the animal drama happening all around, as Marion and Angus will tailor your experience to your interests. 

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Cocktail hour in the bush

Picture yourself exploring the rich landscapes and diverse wildlife with a private guide and vehicle at your beck and call, sipping your favorite drink while lions casually roar in the background; if that sounds like your kind of cocktail hour ambiance, this is the place.  Game viewing, birding, and photography here are so good, even the animals want a selfie (truly, I half believed they posed).  

Our days there were packed full of over 20 animals, including a herd of elephant that came to visit Izingwe’s watering hole.  We sat in the hide to watch up close, so close we could hear them breathe, grab at the grasses and emit deep rumbles. That night, several came to visit my room, where I sat with them not 15 feet away as they munched on branches next to my deck. It was pure magic. 


The following days brought a visit with a pride of lions, including a few young’uns who were learning the art of hunting, more white rhinos than I could count, a herd of water buffalo, two cheetah brothers and a mom with three cubs, and miles and miles of other four-legged creatures.  Our host, Angus, stopped occasionally to look at tracks- “reading the morning paper”, they called it, in order to take us in a promising direction for viewing.  Marion was an educational delight with her knowledge of the area, flora, and animal behavior. Our evenings consisted of cocktails out on the savannah, followed by a delicious meal prepared by the staff chef or in the Boma grill.  After a day, I had run out of superlatives to describe this place- relaxingly remote, deeply engaging; it was enticing to stay another week!



The lodge offers both an all inclusive option, as well as a self-catering option for the more budget conscious.

African Safari

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