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6  Packing Tips for the Ultimate Travel Ninja

packing tips by viewfinder travel
Packing tips

1. Bag Selection Wisdom: Choose your luggage like you're picking a life partner—make sure it's got your back. Avoid the heartbreak of lugging two 50lb suitcases up a stairway to nowhere. Backpackers, ensure your pack can moonlight as an overhead compartment contortionist. And expandable compartments? Hello, extra souvenir space! 

I carry this Lovevook travel back pack that has style and enough pockets to make finding things easy even when tucked under the seat.

My new favorite travel gadget, the Surblue Hanging Shelf Packing cube,because unpacking is out.

2. List it or Lose it: Your suitcase needs its own bucket list… a packing list isn't just a pre-trip formality; it's your backstage pass to vacation sanity.  Aside from your clothes, make sure you have your medication, electronics, documents (including a copy of your passport tucked away in a separate bag), and other necessities. Throw in period underwear (I like Speax by Thinx) and a bit of laundry detergent—because even vacations can have plot twists.


3. Fashion Meets Function: Pack strategically for a rainstorm or an impromptu polar vortex with neutral jackets and dual-purpose garments. Your luggage is not a fashion show; it's a survival kit with style.  Layers, layers, layers. 


4. Zen and the Art of Packing Maintenance: If your luggage resembles a chaotic Black Friday sale, you're doing it wrong. Organize with packing cubes (or see # 1 above); roll, don't fold (it's not laundry origami); and keep a separate bag for dirty laundry. Anything that could be screened like liquids and electronics should be packed in a way that it’s easy to take in and out of your bags too. Your future self will thank you.


5. Airlines: The Strict Parents of Travel: Know your airline's baggage rules better than your grandma's secret cookie recipe. TSA and airline-approved? Check your airlines carry on weight and size limits- getting there in a carry on does not guarantee they will let the same carry on back home.  Go one step further with a travel scale and a flexible tape measure. Your wallet will thank you.


6. Carry-Ons are for Lovers: - If Tetris taught us anything, it's that everything fits perfectly if you try hard enough. Travel in carry-on only whenever possible-  suck the air out of your packing stress with compression bags to maximize space. And never trust your valuables in the hands of a baggage carousel. Important documents, money, medications, electronics, and that one piece of jewelry you never take off should be in your carry-on. Save the heartbreak for romantic comedies. p

The items listed above are my personal faves, but also sponsored and pay commission to keep this blog afloat.


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