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Welcome to the Summerplace Game Reserve (a Biking, Hiking South African Safari)

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Summerplace Game Reserve

Nestled in the heart of South Africa's scenic Waterberg, Summerplace is a haven for discerning adventurers and families looking for an exhilarating escape to the bush; here, the thrill of mountain biking meets the serentiy (and excitement) of nature.


What sets Summerplace apart is the lack of predators, allowing for leisurely rides and walks amongst the resident animals, zebras and kudu, impala….  

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Walk amongst the animals

There are over 60 kilometers of hand-crafted, meticulously designed single tracks for novice and expert alike, winding through the landscape, offering riders of all levels an oversupply of adrenalin, excitement, and breathtaking scenery.  For those keen on experiencing it all, there's even the option to rent specialized mountain bikes or eBikes. 

AFrican Safari

Luxury travel, adventure travel,  south africa, game viewing, boutique travel planning, adventure travel, mountain biking, viewfinder travel, holman photography
Trails are rated green, yellow, red, blue, grey and black for all levels of rider

I was taken, as a complete rookie, on an hour’s ride by Josh, who was a patient and kind coach and guide.  The trails meander through beautiful landscapes, and we stopped occasionally to admire one of the many creatures.  (I will admit to being thankful for the ebike towards the end of the ride). 

Summerplace isn't only about the thrill of the ride, however.  Beyond the fun of mountain biking, Summerplace offers a range of outdoor activities, from trail-running and hiking to bush walks, tennis, beach volleyball, and, through their partners, horseback riding safaris, zip line areas, and big 5 game drives.  Each morning, I took a walk through the open areas and mingled with zebra, kudu, antelope, birds I had never seen nor heard before, and some of the coolest bugs!  We spent a morning on horseback, and was so thankful for it, as the wild animals are much less skittish and allow for some up close viewing; we were able to mingle with some ostrich and antelope.

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Horseback safari

For those who prefer a more leisurely pace, there are wood-fire hot tubs scattered across the property and, after a dip in the pool, one might decide to enjoy a South African glass of Chenin Blanc, accompanied by the resident chef's culinary creations. Our meals included a gastronomic journey through the bushveld, including a chocolate buffalo poiko (stew),  ostrich carpaccio, and one of the most exquisitely prepared Beef Wellingtons I have ever had. 

Amidst the 12 unique accommodation options, ranging from cozy retreats for couples to spacious lodgings for families and groups, guests are treated to a touch of casual luxury here. The interior decorations reflect the timeless hospitality of the Baber family, who have lovingly stewarded this bushveld paradise for over six decades. David, Simone and their children, Ben, Josh, and Lilian, infuse the experience with vibrant energy and profound wisdom and passion, ensuring your experience is not just a vacation, but also an educational journey into the heart of the bushveld.  The whole staff is a joy, eager to help and chock full of info about the area.

You will undoubtedly come home with a story!

Summerplace, south africa safari, boutique travel, adventure travel, viewfinder travel, holman photography
Sunset at Summerplace Game Reserve

Photos © Holman Photography 2024


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